Thursday, October 29, 2009

Kristin Cashore's FIRE

Kristin Cashore

Fire, Graceling's prequel-ish companion book, takes place across the mountains to the east of the seven kingdoms, in a rocky, war-torn land called the Dells.

Beautiful creatures called monsters live in the Dells, Monsters have the shape of normal animals: mountain lions, dragonflies, horses, fish. But the hair and scales or feathers of monsters are gorgeously colored--fuchsia, turquoise, sparkly bronze, iridescent green--and their minds have the power to control the minds of humans.

Seventeen-year-old Fire is the last remaining human-shaped monster in the Dells. Gorgeously monstrous in body and mind but with a human appreciation of right and wrong, she is hated and mistrusted by just about everyone, and this book is her story.

Now this was an amazing written book with intrigue, adventure, love, and life-lesson learned. I loved Graceling but I would have to stay this was even better. I loved the heroine Fire, she was a dematic character and strong-willed young women. One does not need to read Graceling before this because it is a loosely-related champion book. They have some of the same places but none of the same characters.

Kristin Cashore is working on Bitterblue and this is a sequel to Graceling and take place in the seven kingdoms six years after Graceling. One meets Bittleblue, the protagonist, in the first book. And for anyone who read Graceling Katsa and Po make an appearence.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Another YA series hitting the Big Screen

Another YA series hitting the Big Screen

I love when books I have read and fell in love with are going to put into a movie. The newest addition to this list is Wicked by Nancy Holder and Debbie Viguie. DreamWorks has taken on the task of this project. This series encompasses five installments entitled, Wicked, Witch, Curse, Legacy, Spellbound, and Resurrection. The first movie is scripted for Wicked and Witch. If you have not read this series yet start now.

The story follow Holly Cathers, whose world shatters when her parents are killed in a terrible accident. Wrenched from her home in San Francisco, she is sent to Seattle to live with her relatives, Aunt Marie-Claire and her twin cousins, Amanda and Nicole. In her new home, Holly's sorrow and grief soon give way to bewilderment at the strange incidents going on around her. Such as how any wish she whispers to her cat seems to come true. Or the way a friend is injured after a freak attack from a vicious falcon. And there's the undeniable, magnetic attraction to a boy Holly barely knows.

Holly, Amanda, and Nicole are about to be launched into a dark legacy of witches, secrets, and alliances, where ancient magics yield dangerous results. The girls will assume their roles in an inter-generational feud beyond their wildest imaginations...and in doing so, will attempt to fulfill their shared destiny.

Can't wait for this to come out. Read the books so you can be just as excited.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Cirque Du Freak

Cirque Du Freak: The Vampire's Assistant
Meet Darren, He's Sixteen Going on Immortal

This movie is based on the popular series of the books by Darren Shan, is a fantasy-adventure about a teenager who unknowingly breaks a 200-year-old truce between two warring fractions of vampires. Pulled into a fantastic life of misunderstood sideshow freaks and grotesque creatures of the night, one teen will vanish from the safety of a boring existence and fulfill his destiny in a place drawn from nightmares.

16-year-old Darren (Chris Kelly) was like most kids in his suburban neighborhood. He hung out with his best friend Steve (Josh Hutcherson), got decent grades and usually stayed out of trouble. But when he and his buddy stumble upon a traveling freak show, things begin to change inside Darren. That's the exact moment when a vampire named Larten Crepsley (John C. Reilly) turns him into something, well, bloodthirsty.

Newly undead, he joins the Cirque Du Freak, a touring sideshow filled with monstrous creatures from a snakeboy and a wolfman to a bearded lady (Salma Hayek) and a gigantic barker (Ken Watanabe). As Darren flexes his new found powers in this dark world, he becomes a treasured pawn between the vampires and their deadlier counterparts. And while trying to survive, one boy will struggle to keep their brewing war from devouring what's left of his humanity.

Tonight, I saw this Cirque Du Freak in a promotional advance screening and absolutely loved it. I was not expecting it to be so good. When I saw the previews I thought it could go either way, really good or really bad, I was pleasantly surprised by the humor in it.

Now I have not read the book series so I do not know who close it was to the books or if you read the books would you like the movie, but as just a movie it was great.

I have a poster of The Vampire's Assistant to giveaway.
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Monday, October 19, 2009

The Summoning on Audio Tape

The Summoning (Darkest Power Book 1)
Kelley Armstrong

This weekend I had a 11 hour drive across 4 states so I decided to listen to my first audio book. I have read The Summoning before and loved it, listening to it was even better. The narrator Cassandra Morris made it very fun to listen too. She is a young girl so the perfect age to be Chloe and he low deep Derek voice was very good too. Nice and bruting.

This was my first audio book and defiently not my last.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Win a copy of Branded by the Sheriff By Delores Fossen

Branded By the Sheriff
Delores Fossen

Everyone in town wanted her gone. He wanted to keep her and her baby safe.

Years ago, Sheriff Beck Tanner had believed the worst about Faith Matthews. Now she was back in their small Texas town, forcing him to question everything he thought he knew about her. And when the killer who'd murdered her family set his sights on Faith-and her innocent baby girl-Beck's protective insights kicked into high gear.

As dangerous pranks turned into deadly games, and with a sadistic killer circling closer, all of Beck's attention had to be on keeping Faith's baby safe....and ignoring his inconvinient attraction to the beautiful mother....

So here goes my first contest ever. I have two copies of this book to give to 2 winners. The rules are simple. Runs until October 18, 2009 at mindnight.

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Thursday, October 8, 2009

Kathleen Long

The Body Hunters Series
Kathleen Long

When I met Kathleen Long at the Collingswood Book Festival I was not familiar with her books. So I asked her which she recommend I should start with. Her answer was The Body Hunter Series which is a suspense trilogy. She signed a copy of the final book of this series for me.

The first book is Positive I.D. When he learned his very own daughter had gone missing, agent Will Connor instructed his covert team, the Body Hunters, to stop at nothing to find the girl-and it forced him to reunite with his "widow", Maggie. Although Maggie's anger was evident, so was the passion that had always existed between them. With the clock-ticking, finding their daughter was top priority, but rekindling what he'd shared with Maggie was critical to their future. Suddenly "till death do us part" had a whole new meaning, for nothing else would tear him away from his family a second time around.

When listening to the forum Kathleen told us about "the call". When the publishers called her to tell her book was being published she remembers she was having lunch, a slim fast. She immediately had to get an agent. She said you never forget "the call".

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

A Conqueror's Lady By Terri Brisbin

A Conqueror's Lady
Terri Brisbin

The Knights of Brittany
Born to conquer...and seduce!

Strong, ruthless, brave and honorable, Giles Fitzhenry is a born warrior who has never been able to shake off the shame of his illegitimate birth.

To save her people and lands, the lady Fayth is forced to marry this powerful Breton knight. SHe yearns to be rid of her unwelcome husband, although a deep desire stirs each time she looks into his piercing gaze.

Now Giles has conquered all, but the ultimate battle will be for his new lady's love-and her utter surrender!

There is a prequel to The Conqueror's Lady called A Night for Her Pleasure which is only available through digital copy. Terri herself said you do not need to read this before The Conqueror's Lady to understand what is going on but it does give a preview of the world these books are placed in.

Terri was amazing to meet and in the forum she told us a lot about herself. She basically writes historical romances. If you are an inspiring author all the authors on the forum including Terri said to join an organization to team you the nessesary tool needed in this industry. Terri is apart of the Romance Writers of America.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Meeting Judi Fennell

Meeting Judi Fennell at Collingswood

In Stores Now!!!! November 2009!!!!! February 2010

Fairy Tales with a twist....This series is based of my favorite Disney movie The Little Mermaid but the twist is the mermaid is actually a merman and the girl is the human. This is a series in the same world but each book is a new couple. The first book In Over Her Head which is out now is about Reel and Erica.

When Erica Peck, one terrifies-of-the-ocean marina owner, finds herself at the bottom of the sea conversing with a Mer man named Reel, she thinks she's died and gone to her own version of Hell. When the Oceanic Council demands she and Reel retrieve a lost cache of diamonds from the resident sea monster in return for their loves, she knows she's died and gone to Hell.

When they escape the monster and end up on a deserted island, she amends her opinion-she's died and gone to Heaven. But when Reel sacrifies himself to allow her to return to her world, she realizes that, Heaven or Hell, with Reel, she's In Over Her Head.

Judi's next series is about Genies, think I Dreamed of Jeannie meets Indiana Jones, will hit shelves in the Fall 2010.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Collingswood Book Festival 2009

Collingswood Book Festival 2009

Downtown Collingswood, NJ was closed off the street for the annual Book Festival that brings in local authors and vendors selling used books today. Besides for short spurts of rain it was a complete success. I attended the Romance Authors forum and meet some very amazing authors.
Tina Gabrielle, Judi Fennell, Terri Brisbin, and Kathleen Long were four women who told about how they got started and how they got published for the first time.

Lady of Scandal
Tina Gabrielle

A women with a secret....Victoria Ashton has intelligence and ambition-qualities of little value to most marriage-minded gentlemen of the ton. Her own father has no idea of Victoria's hidden life as an anonymous trader in London's stock market. But her hopes of independence are shattered when her father's emeny, Blake Mallorey, assumes Charles Ashton's debts and presents Victoria with a stark choice: live with him as his mistress for one year, or condemn her family to bankruptcy.

A gentlemen with resolve....For years Blake has dreamed of justice, and his scheme becomes all the sweeter when he sees the beauty of Victoria has become. Scoundrel he may be, but Blake will not force anyone into his bed. He intends to entice Victoria, one wicked kiss at a time. But with a women as spirited and sensual as Victoria, seduction works both ways-and a plan rooted in revenge can bloom into a scandalous passion...

This book is Tina's debut novel. It is an awesome Historical romance with a perfect coupling between Victoria and Blake. And one cannot forget Blake's best friend Justin and his firey lover Samantha who always add to the excitement. Victoria's brother is also a good hearted even though he always needs Victoria to fix his mistakes.

Tina Gabrielle has a second book coming out in this series A Perfect Scandal in September 2010. Tina did say some of the characters will be returning in that book. Cannot wait to see what happens next.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Sparks will Fly!!!!

Catching Fire
By Suzanne Collins

Much to her shock, Katniss has fueled an unrest she's afraid she cannot stop. And what scares her more is that she's not entirely convinced she should try. As time draws near for Katniss and Peeta to visit the districts on the Capitol's cruel Victory Tour, the stakes are higher than ever. If they can't prove without a shadow of a doubt, that they are lost in their love for each other, the consequences will be horrifying.

This is the sequel to Suzanne Collins first sci-fi book Hunger Games where we first met Katniss. My favorite characters return like Gale, her younger sister Prim, and her healing mother. Katniss fought for her life and now she has to do it again in Catching Fire or everyone she loves is at stake.

Collins in working on the third book in this series and I cannot wait. Catching Fire is truely amazing.