Saturday, July 21, 2012

Books and Blades Blog Tour

We are celebrating Shiloh Walker's newest release under her new pen name J.C. Daniels with an amazing excerpt from Blade Song her new urban fantasy story.

Tall guy. Blond, dirty. Looked like he hadn't bathed in a month. Stank like it, too.

“Maybe she hid up there, thinking to throw them off.”

Dirty-Blond sniggered. “Won't work. I bet she tried the swamps next. Hope not, though. Gators don't like cats being around them. If they get a bite of her...”

Another one, short and stumpy with stringy hair, shook his head. “She's still too strong. She won't get caught by a gator.” A smile split his face. “We'll be looking for her for a while. And if we catch her before the other team...”


I studied each face. Committed them to memory.

I didn't mess with humans. I stayed away from them because they could bring too much trouble down on us.

But these weren't humans. Not if they were hunting kids.

That made them monsters.

“Come on. We need to get moving. If somebody else finds her, we have to pony up the dough. Not this time.”

They moved off into the woods. I settled deeper into the tree and drew my knees to my chest. Part of me wanted to climb down and go after them. If it hadn't been for the dogs, I might have.

I could take five humans.

But the dogs evened the odds in their favor just a little bit.

Too bad I hadn't brought my bow and arrow.

I wouldn't make that mistake again. Of course, if I'd realized we'd be dealing with something like this, I damn well would have brought it.

Live and learn, Kit. Live and learn.

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