Thursday, July 21, 2011

Review: Goddess With A Blade

By Lauren Dane
Releases June 6, 2011
Source: Review copy provided by NetGalley for review.

Armed with a blessed blade and blood from a goddess, Rowan Summerwaite’s got a divine mission. Embodying a Vampire’s worst nightmare is a big job, but someone’s got to do it.

Freshly returned from a political firestorm that erupted after she’d executed the last Scion, Rowan hopes for a period of peace and quiet with the new replacement.

But before long, human women are being found in and around Las Vegas and it’s clear to her the killer is a Vampire. Clive Stewart rules his Vampires with an iron fist in the wake of a spectacular failure on the part of his predecessor. He doesn’t make the mistake of underestimating The Hunter. He knows she’s a predator just like him so he agrees to help her investigation. Within limits.

But nothing between Clive and Rowan stays within the lines and before long, things are tangled and dangerous both personally and professionally
Lauren Dane should write more Urban Fantasy books if this is any indication on how captivating she does it. I fell in love with this group of fun characters that are involved in Rowan’s life. She is the vessel of a real life goddess who is still worshipped in Ireland. Many in her paranormal circles know who is she and respect and fear her if they are vampires because she is also a hunter. A hunter’s job is to make sure vampires uphold to the laws in the treaty.

The events in this book take place in Las Vegas months after Rowan killed the last head vampire of Vegas so vampires are wary to have her back, especially the new head ‘prick’ vampire Clive Stewart. Clive has predetermined opinions of the hunter Rowan but none of those matters when these two get within inches of each other. The explosive chemistry between them can’t be fought no matter how stubborn both Clive and Rowan are. Their banter conversations make their interactions so much fun.

Rowan has such a wide variety of friends and acquaintances that make her life so interesting. Her foster father is the First, the head vampire of everywhere, so he is intimating yet loves and cares for Rowan in his way. The crazy cabbie that shows up to drive Rowan around while giving her cryptic messages adds to Rowan’s dramatic life. She has a human cop best friend that does not know what she really is but knows she has secrets.

I really hope Lauren Dane will write a sequel or make it a series. The ending has potential for more Rowan and Clive’s relationship and with crossed fingers I will wait for more hopefully.

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