Saturday, June 23, 2012

Early Review: Impulse (Southern Arcana, #5)

By Moira Rogers

Digital Release Date: September 4th, 2012
Print Release Date: Summer/Fall 2013
Source: Review copy provided by Author Moria Rogers for review.

I could not wait to read Sera and Julio’s story when seeing how they reacted to each other when they were together in the previous book. Sera is a submissive coyote that loves the safety of a powerful alpha’s magic gives to her. However, after an abusive relationship with her ex-husband Josh she needs to say away from all men like that. One of such men is Julio, a powerful wolf alpha who only wants to protect and take responsibility for those around them.

I wish I could move to New Orleans and hangout with people in the supernatural community. Reading this series makes me want to be apart of the big crazy family web they created. For example, Julio is the brother of Carmen who married Alec who is the Alpha of the Southest territory and Julio is also apart of the council. Carmen works as a doctor in shifter clinics with Franklin, an alpha coyote who is Sera’s overprotective father. Everyone cares for each other in New Orleans but outside of their home all these relationships become a problem.

When Julio takes Sera on a road trip to get away from the troubles of her ex-husband they quickly realize there are a lot of issues for this new relationship. Some are other shifter’s prejudice because they think it is taboo for a wolf and a coyote to be together. Some are Sera’s personal issues as a submissive shifter as a lover to a dominant alpha. I love how considerate Julio is about all Sera’s concerns. He wants her to just be, not be who she thinks she is supposed to be. Who could ask for a better guy? Julio also has some issues after being tortured in the last book that Sera’s understanding and submissive magic helps him through. I really liked there relationship.

Now for the next book I am hoping we get Anna and Patrick’s love connection and I hope Victoria drinks some more men under the table. I love this series and hope there are many more books and novella in its future.

Sera Sinclaire is a New Orleans rarity: a submissive coyote trapped in a town overrun by dominant shapeshifters. Worse, she lacks the willpower to deny the alphas-in-shining-armor who need her soothing presence, even when their protectiveness threatens to crush her hard-won self-reliance.

The only shifter she doesn't want to push away is Julio Mendoza, a wolf so dominant he's earned a place on the Southeast council.

Julio doesn't have the luxury of indulging in the vacation his psychic shrink insists he needs. He can't turn his back on responsibilities he's beginning to wish he'd never shouldered. When an obsessive ex endangers Sera, though, instinct drives him to get her out of town. Watching her come to life outside the city makes him feel like he's finally done something right, and her touch ignites desire he doesn't want to ignore.

But soon, light-hearted flirting becomes a dangerous game of seduction, where every day spent falling into each other is another day avoiding the truth. Sera's ex isn't the only one who'd disapprove of their relationship. There are wolves who would kill to get Sera out of Julio's life--starting with his own blood kin.

Warning: Contains endless summer road trips, family drama, redneck werewolves, sexual power games and a taboo love affair between a submissive coyote who's among the last of her kind and a dominant wolf who loves his heroine's ass. Literally.

Favorite Scene:

Sera loaded the new ammunition and held up the gun. “I bet I can hit closer to the bulls-eye than you can.”

Her victory came to him on a flash, right down to the cute little dance he was sure was last popular in the nineties. “Sucker bet, sunshine. Never wager with a precog.”

“So cheat.” She grinned. “You haven’t even hear the terms yet. If you win, I’ll let you buy me a pretty dress and take me out for a fancy dinner.”

“And if I lose?”

“I get a cheap bar, beer, and hot wings, and dirty sex in the bathroom.”

Julio cleared his throat, took the gun from her and winked. “Like I said, sucker bet.”

“Uh-huh.” As she stepped behind him, she trailed her fingers up his arm. “I’m bad news, mister. I hope you can handle me.”

“I’ll try.” He lined up a shot, squeezed the trigger and snorted when the bullet went wide. “I told you I suck at this.”

She laughed and retrieved the gun to line up her shot with adorable concentration that furrowed her brows. Her shot wasn’t perfect, but it winged the target, and her victory dance was just as cute as it had been in his vision.
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