Monday, November 19, 2012

Breaking Dawn: Part 2 Movie Review

We all have been waiting years to see the finale of the Twilight Saga on the big screen. Since I have read the books multiples I was happy to see my expectations of the movie was not dissappointed.

1.) I loved the facial expressions Edward (Robert Pattinson made during some of the scenes).

2.) I loved how they did the ending credits with anyone who was in any of the Twilight movies with their pictures. It was a sweet way of the ending of the Twilight Saga, not just Breaking Dawn: Part 2. I also that it was a nice touch that for Bella, Edward, and Jacob they put up their introduction pages from the Twilight book since this all started with the first book.

3.) I am still totally Team Charlie and Emmett. They have the best lines in all the movies that make me laugh.

4.) I like who they showed they quick growth of Renesmee with Carlisle marking in against the wall ruler. Very creative.

5.) I loved the End Credits song by Nikki Reed and her husband American Idol contestant Paul McDonald.
Check out Yahoo Music for their other songs and interview.

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