Wednesday, October 7, 2009

A Conqueror's Lady By Terri Brisbin

A Conqueror's Lady
Terri Brisbin

The Knights of Brittany
Born to conquer...and seduce!

Strong, ruthless, brave and honorable, Giles Fitzhenry is a born warrior who has never been able to shake off the shame of his illegitimate birth.

To save her people and lands, the lady Fayth is forced to marry this powerful Breton knight. SHe yearns to be rid of her unwelcome husband, although a deep desire stirs each time she looks into his piercing gaze.

Now Giles has conquered all, but the ultimate battle will be for his new lady's love-and her utter surrender!

There is a prequel to The Conqueror's Lady called A Night for Her Pleasure which is only available through digital copy. Terri herself said you do not need to read this before The Conqueror's Lady to understand what is going on but it does give a preview of the world these books are placed in.

Terri was amazing to meet and in the forum she told us a lot about herself. She basically writes historical romances. If you are an inspiring author all the authors on the forum including Terri said to join an organization to team you the nessesary tool needed in this industry. Terri is apart of the Romance Writers of America.


  1. Hey!! It was great to meet you, too, in Collingswood and thanks for posting the photo. Meeting readers is one of the best parts of being a writer.

    Hope to be at the Festival next year!