Thursday, October 8, 2009

Kathleen Long

The Body Hunters Series
Kathleen Long

When I met Kathleen Long at the Collingswood Book Festival I was not familiar with her books. So I asked her which she recommend I should start with. Her answer was The Body Hunter Series which is a suspense trilogy. She signed a copy of the final book of this series for me.

The first book is Positive I.D. When he learned his very own daughter had gone missing, agent Will Connor instructed his covert team, the Body Hunters, to stop at nothing to find the girl-and it forced him to reunite with his "widow", Maggie. Although Maggie's anger was evident, so was the passion that had always existed between them. With the clock-ticking, finding their daughter was top priority, but rekindling what he'd shared with Maggie was critical to their future. Suddenly "till death do us part" had a whole new meaning, for nothing else would tear him away from his family a second time around.

When listening to the forum Kathleen told us about "the call". When the publishers called her to tell her book was being published she remembers she was having lunch, a slim fast. She immediately had to get an agent. She said you never forget "the call".

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