Saturday, December 19, 2009

Eileen Wilk's World of the Lupi

World of the Lupi
By Eileen Wilks

If you want an adventure packed paranormal romantic series with laughs here and there, then Eileen's series World of the Lupi is for you. Lily Yu is a homecide cop who meets Rule Turner, the Lupi Prince while investigating a murder. This is just the beginning because Rule has a gorgoreous stripper sorceror Lupi best friend, Cullen. Cynna is a Finder who uses magic to find anything from lost keys to lost kids. Rule also has a son named Toby who is super cute.

Novella #.5: Lover Beware (A short slightly different retelling of how Rule and Lily met)
Book #1: Tempting Danger
Novella #1.5: Craving
Book #2: Mortal Danger
Book #3: Blood Lines
Novella #3.5: On the Prowl
Book #4: Night Season
Short Story #4.5: Free Online short story about Cullen and Cynna
Book #5: Mortal Sin

Future Releases:
Book #6: Blood Magic (Release February 2, 2010)
Novella #4.5: Inked (January 5, 2010)

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