Sunday, November 21, 2010

Early Review: Seducing the Vampire

By Michelle Hauf
Releases January 2011
Source: Review copy provided by NetGalley for review.

This book was set both in 18th Century and 21st Century Paris, France. I really like how the story unraveled side by side in both times so you don’t know the complete back story as you learn what is going on in the present. In the old days it was believed female vampires needed a male vampire to patron them so they could get blood from them once in a while in order to live. They might have believe this or it was just another way to keep females under control. Viviane finds herself without a patron but Constantine is wooing her. Viviane feels no passion for Constantine but she does for a ‘not just right’ Rhys. She can’t figure him out but she wants him. However, he can’t patron him so there are so many delemias.

In present day, Rhys hears rumors of a woman sleeping in the under ground tunnels of Paris, so he must return to the city. All those years ago he thought she was gone forever, now to learn otherwise is driving him crazy. He must find out the truth. Michelle Hauf gives an interesting tale of first love, lost love, and hopefully reclaimed love.

He was mesmerizing, a vampire like none other...but the fire between Viviane LaMourette and Rhys Hawkes would begin a centuries-long clash between two powerful vampire brothers.

In Marie Antoinette's Paris, the beautiful vampire Viviane seeks a male patron who will allow her to live on her own terms. Courted by two feuding brothers, Viviane succumb to the handsome rebel, Rhys. She's unaware that Rhys has other, darker, motives. He seeks vengeance against his brother, Constantine—by stealing Viviane and tainting her with his blood.

But just as Rhys is realizing the depth of his love for Viviane, his brother take his revenge. By casting a spell on the woman they both desire, he condemns her to a living death inside a glass coffin.

Two centuries later, Rhys hears the urban legend of the Vampire Snow White, imprisoned deep in the tunnels under Paris. He must find her and set her free, but will he be able to save her from the evil still intent on destroying them?

This Series
1. Seducing the Vampire (Releases January 2011)
2. Forever Vampire (Releases May 2011)

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