Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Waiting on Wednesday: The Mammoth Book of Scottish Romance

By Tricia Telep
Releases January 4, 2011

This collection of 20-plus romance stories will traverse the rolling hills of Scotland, including both contemporary and historical settings, time travel, ghosts, and plenty of fantastic and paranormal elements.

1. Connie Brockway
2. Susan Sizemore
3. "At Last" by Jacquie D’Alseeandro
4. Anne Gracie
5. “After the Gloaming” by Leah Marie Brown

After the Gloaming is paranormal romance set at Caerlaverock Castle, near Dumfries. After a tragic turn of events, Deidre Monreith is cursed to live eternity as a banshee - unless she can find the one man capable of gaining her trust and breaking the wretched curse.
6. “The Rebel” by Julianne MacLean
A short story set in the Scottish Highlands during the Jacobite Rebellion of 1715.
7. “Kissingate Magic” by Annette Blair
The story features a matchmaking fairy
8. “Kidnapping the Laird” by Terri Brisbin
A short sexy story about a laird and his ignored wife. Awife of convenience decides she wants more from the handsome, sexy laird she had to marry and takes matters...and her husband...into her own hands to claim the love they both deserve!
9. “Forever Mine” by Donna Grant
The novella isn’t part of Donna’s Dark Sword series.
10. “Possessing Maggie” by Sandy Blair
The ghost and legend of The MacKinnon have shaped heirs' lives for centuries and not for the better.
Now a new heir, the ghost and a timeless love will finally put the fear to rest.
11. “The Pagan Bride” by Patricia Grasso
The Pagan Bride is set at the court of Mary, Queen of Scots. Magnus Campbell and Avril Gordon appeared as side characters in Highland Belle and are the parents of Gordon Campbell, the hero in Courting An Angel. Magnus and Avril are the ancestors of my Regency duke, Magnus Campbell.
12. Marta Acosta
13. “Magick in the Mist” by Debbie Mazzuca
14. Donna Kauffman
15. Lois Greiman
16. “Highland Heart” by Heather McCollum
A novella linked to Captured Heart.
17. Elle Jasper
18. Cindy Miles
19. “The Reiver” By Jackie Barbosa

Duncan Maxwell, laird of Lochmorton Castle, gets the shock of his life when he discovers the reiver captured in a raid on his lands is not a boy, but a young woman. Although she flatly refuses to tell him her name or how she came to be riding with a raiding party, Duncan cannot countenance imprisoning a woman in his dungeon but neither can her release her without compensation. Unable to ransom her back to her family, he treats her as an honored—though exceptionally well-supervised—guest. He takes to calling her Reva and determines to seduce the truth of her identity from her. There’s just one problem—the reiver may steal his heart before he can reveal her secrets.
Read an excerpt: here
20. “His Magick Touch” by Kimberly Killion
His Magick Touch is a sensual novella set on the Isle of Barra in the 16th century Scotland.
Excerpt: here
Meet the Characters: here

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