Saturday, December 11, 2010

25 Days of Christmas: Day 11

Under the Covers
Anthology by Crystal Jordan, Lorie O’Clare, and P.J. Mellor
Released October 1, 2009

“Naughty or Nice” by Crystal Jordan
Dayna Sharp has the perfect job, the perfect man...the perfect life. So why is the prospect of marrying Mr. Wonderful so perfectly boring? It's a question Dayna can't shake when she brings her fiancé home to meet her spectacularly un-boring family—and finds herself pursued by a bad-boy bearing gifts that could burn a hole in more than her Christmas stocking...

I really enjoyed this short story because I could relate to the girl Dayna in a way. She thought she had the perfect relationship until she brought him home for the holidays. Nathan, her finesse, was a total jerk to her family and just like me she would not put up with that either. My family means the world to me even if they are crazy, they are my crazy family. My guy has to love my family or at least respect them.

I liked how Jake, her brother’s best friend, knows exactly what Dayna needs for Christmas. Dayna has been his wet dream since as he put so nicely, “Since I was old enough to get a woody.” He is that bad boy that is so sweet you can’t resist his devilish grin.

“Nativity Island” by Lorie O’Clare
Marine biologist Mercedes Porter isn't accustomed to hot weather on Christmas—or to being half a world away from home on her favorite holiday. But here she is, stranded at a seaside lodge on a tiny island. The only other guest is a darkly mysterious, undeniably gorgeous stranger who certainly knows his way around the mistletoe—and, before long, around Mercedes...

This was an interesting short story of a woman’s spoiled Christmas plans that comes into a full island fling. Jeremy Falls the famous author or Jeremy Faulkner the hermit who wants to be alone is on the island trying to write his next best-seller when the biggest distraction lands in the room next door. An of course the intrusive cabin owner who wants to get the two together.

“Escaping Christmas” by P.J. Mellor
The best things in banker Samantha Harrison's life are her dog, her friends, and her boyfriend—pretty much in that order. But everything changes when, right after knee-buckling, tree-trimming sex, her man breaks the news that he's leaving her for another woman—walking out with her pride and her pooch. Determined to recover both, Sam soon finds herself in Christmas, Texas, handcuffed to the hottest lawman she's ever seen—and hoping for some naked justice...

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