Friday, December 17, 2010

25 Days of Christmas: Day 17 + Giveaway

Mystery for Christmas
Editor Richard Dalby
Released October 26, 2004

Twenty-Three Classic Holiday Suspence. Tales by Masters of Mystery and Suspence.

Ghosts, murders, bizarre disappearances and journeys back through time-every conceivable type of mystery can be found within the pages of Mysteries for Christmas. Writers have long been inspired by this season of peace and goodwill to tell tales of murder, mystery and the supernatural, and the

Stories in this collection range from work by writers as diverse as Charles Dickens, Thomas Hardy and Muriel Spark.

Giveaway: Through out the year I found holiday stories in used-book stores, library sales, yard sales and goodwill places to save to read when the season started. Now it’s the season of giving so I am giving away the copy I found. So it is USED but in good condition. If you want to enter to win I will announce winners after 25 Days of Christmas are over.
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