Saturday, May 28, 2011

Men Who Walk the Edge of Honor Series By Lori Foster

The Guy Next Door Anthology starts this new series with a prequel story "Ready, Set, Jett" about Jett and Natalie Alexander. They have their own story to tell. Jett has a no-strings-attached sex only relationship with his hottie of a neighbor Natalie. Jett is about to change the rules of their relationship. First by tying her to the bed so they can talk. He wants so much more from her. Plus, learn her secrets like her family.

Her sister Molly is also not answering Natalie’s calls and that sets the story for the first full length novel of this new series.

Men Who Walk the Edge of Honor Series
.5.) The Guy Next Door
1.) When You Dare
2.) Trace of Fever
3.) Savor the Danger

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