Thursday, November 19, 2009

Anita Blake 2010 Reading Challenge

Today, I signed up for Book Chick City's 2010 Anita Blake Reading Challenge. The contest runs from January 1, 2010-December 31, 2010 to read the whole series. There are 17 books in the series written by Laurell Hamilton.

This book series has been on my TBR list so this is an excellent opporunity for me to get started. I am so happy Book Chick City is hosting the challenge. I added a button on my sidebar. Please go and check it out.


  1. Hi Cait045! Welcome to The Anita Blake Challenge! I am so pleased you joined :)

    I will be posting Mr Linky in the New Year where you can link up any reviews you may have of the books you've read for the challenge.

    It's going to be fun!

  2. Hi again, I've just noticed that the link you added to Mr Linky is not the direct URL to this post. Unfortunately, I will have to delete the link you added but please come back with the direct URL link. Thanks so much.