Monday, November 30, 2009

Holidays Are Hell

So to get in the holiday spirit I decided to read something that will help me with that. Holidays Are Hell has four short stories for New York Times Bestselling Authors: Kim Harrison, Lynsay Sands, Marjourie M. Liu, and Vicki Petterson.

Kim Harrison's short story takes place before we first meet Rachel Morgan in the Hollows Series. We learn more about the younger uncertain girl who will become a powerful witch later. We also meet Pierce. Rachel want to join I.S. early and make a bet with her brother Robbie that if she can summon her Dad then he will approve. However, its never that simple. Instead of her Dad she get a very hot looking ghost named Pierce.

Lynsay Sands gives us another short story that is the sequel to her story in Dates from Hell. This is a story all about Jill and is very hot. But make sure you read the one in Dates from Hell first so you will like it a whole lot more. She is crushing on Nick for six months now and finally she is going to be his Mrs. Clause to his Santa but it is a crazy series of mishaps.

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  1. Sounds dark but fun. Interesting Christmas choice.

    PS I love her boots!