Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Jocelynn Drake's Dark Days Series

The Dark Days Series
Jocelynn Drake

A war lies just beyond the horizon, but will soon stumble across your doorstep. When those dark days arrive, which side will you choose; a race that has hidden in the shadows for centuries or a forgotten race of light offering up promises of a green peace?

The Dark Days Series begins with the world hovering on the cusp of a war that no human expects. The fighters on both sides are creatures long relegated to the realm of fairy tales, ghost stories, and the ravings of mad men.

Regardless of whether you are a believer or prefer to huddle in denial, the war is coming and you will have to choose a side.
Who will be your champion against the rising tide?
Nightwalker or Naturi

Jocelynn Drake's series includes Nightwalker, Dayhunter, and Dawnbreaker also in Unbound a prequel to the series called "The Dead, The Damned, and the Forgotten." The heroine in this exciting world is a redheaded 600-year old vamp named Mira. She is a feared by humans and nightwalkers alike because she is known as Fire Starter. She runs her domain and enjoys her independence until a Hunter enters her domain and ruins everything.

Danaus is a vampire hunter that is very good at his job. However, he is not here to kill Mira but to learn about Naturi. That is the last thing Mira wants to talk or remember. They start on a journey to save the world. Two enemies working together against a worse enemy.

I could not stop reading these three books until I finished. I still want to read Unbound to see how it all started. Everyone would enjoy Dark Days.

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