Friday, January 15, 2010

Anita Blake 2010 Reading Challenge Book #3

Circus of the Damned Book #3
Laurell K. Hamilton

In Anita Blake's world Halloween is a very busy time of year. All the crazies come out. More evil master vamps come out to challenge Jean-Claude as Master of the City. However, Anita is the only human who knows his new position and everyone knows she knows. That brings them knocking on her door to beat or trick the information out of her. Does she give up Jean-Claude or does she keep quiet?

Two new people enter Anita's life. First, a very hot science teacher that knows about the monsters, Richard. It is the first man Anita she sees naked before going the first date. Then a very determine yet naive twenty-year old Larry who is a new rookie aminator. He is Anita's new shadow to learn to raise the dead and hunt vamps.

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