Monday, May 10, 2010

Author Signing with Cassandra Clare and Holly Black

On Saturday May 8th, I spent some time at an author signing at the Free Library of Philadelphia where Cassandra Clare and Holly Black were making an appearance. Cassie was promoting her Mortal Instruments Trilogy which has four books. This seemed to be the big joke that 4 books are the new trilogy number. Holly Black was promoting her newest release White Cat.

It was probably my favorite author appearance I have gone too and I think that is most likely because the chicks are friends. They had a comfortable way of talking because they are familiar with each other so much that they made the audience comfortable. I laughed a lot during the chatting, book reading, Q & A session. They were a lot of fun with their bubbly, light-hearted personalities.

Movie News: Holly Black's Spiderwick Chronciles was made into a movie so she knew how it happened. Holly says the only really say authors truely have is if they want to sell rights to the book or not. Depending on the studio you sell the book to depends on how much involvement you get. Holly got to share thoughts but once they started filming it happened so fast. She got to go on set and enjoyed the movie.

Cassandra Clare sold the rights to the Mortal Instruments Series to the guys who produced the Lord of the Rings Trilogy. So far the screen play is completed, they are looking for a director, and Cassie has a meeting in NY soon.
Q & A Session: My favorite question was for Cassie. In City of Glass the shadowhunters wore white to funerals so what color do they wear to wedding?
I never thought about that but Cassie said in City of Fallen Angels we learn the answer when Clary is shopping for a Brides Maid dress. Its supposed to be a funny scene with Luke, Jace, and Clary. Shadowhunters wear gold to weddings.

Do you feel sad when you end a series or move on to another series?
Holly had the best answer. She said she would hate to be the protagonist in her books. Holly said if you love a character give them a break because if she starts another book she will only bring misery and pain into their lives.