Friday, May 14, 2010

Author Signing with Melissa Marr

On Thursday Night, I spent the time chatting with Melissa Marr and other fans of the Wicked Lovely Series. She is one of the most laid back authors I met so far. She wanted to have the discussion part like she does in her classroom. No hands up to ask questions so it was just like talking with friends. Melissa did really good job trying to answer the spoiler questions everyone kept asking.

She was as honest in person as she does when she writes. A lot of the discussion was on Ink Exchange and how much of the book was from real experiences of Melissa's life. She showed a few of her tattoos which she added up to 40 hours of work. She learned all about the tattooing process when writing the book. Melissa could write so honestly about Leslie being a victim because she was too. I thought she was incredible strong to put it all out there and it is helping readers who had dark times too.

Also, Melissa is looking for help to petition HarperCollins Teen to release the fifth book Darkest Mercy that will be out in 2011. So twitter them, email them, all together hound them.

Giveaway and Rules:

Melissa was kind enough to sign a bookmark and 6 wrist bands for each court: Summer, Dark, Winter, High, Shadow, and for the individuals Solidary Courts.

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