Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Anita Blake 2010 Reading Challenge Book #9

Obsidian Butterfly
Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter #9
Laurell K. Hamilton

This was a nice change to the series with Anita getting away from Jean-Claude and Richard so she could be the Vampire Executioner again. Edward calls in his debt from Anita to come down to Santa Fe and help him hunt an unknown monster.

I really enjoyed learning more about Edward/Ted which was terribly confusing but really interesting. Could Edward really become a family man or has hell froze over? This was really interesting and disturbing for Anita and the reader to see because Edward seemed to know exactly who he was before this book. He is learning about how much he cares about Donna, Becca, and Peter.

Anita gets to hunt, find monsters and work with the police again to help with an investigation instead of her messed up love life. I missed this strong, hard women who could stand up to all who underestimated her. We also get a whole new cast of characters from Edward's back-up to the monsters of Santa Fe. A nice change.

Favorite Quote:

"Put any woman in an area run mostly by men and rumors will fly. Unless you make it very clear that you are off limits, there is also a certain competitiveness that sets in. Some men are either trying to run you out of town or get into your pants. They don't seem to know any other way to deal with a woman. If you're not a sexual object, you're a threat."

Next, Narcissus in Chains

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