Monday, July 5, 2010

Roxanne St.Claire's The Bullet Catchers

Trained to protect. Able to kill. Willing to die. And drop-dead gorgeous.

I really enjoyed Roxanne's Bullet Catchers series. I always find guys with a protective instinct are so much hotter for it so a series where these big strong men's job is to be so protective that they would take a bullet for their principel is amazing brave.

Lucy, the a former CIA spy leads her group of merry men like a family. I love how they are scared of her even though they are some of the toughest men in the business. She sends them on job she knows will test them to the fullest because they hardest job is to protect with head when you are thinking with your heart. She always seems to know where to send them so they find happiness and it always works to her advantage because she gets a new member for the Bullet Catcher family.

All the stories are different even though they have the same basic principle of being a bodyguard and protecting someone. They all have love connections that are perfect for each personality.

#1 Kill Me Twice (Bullet Catcher: Alex Romero)
#2Thrill Me To Death (Bullet Catcher: Max Roper)
#2.5 “You Can Count On Me” a novella in I’ll Be Home For Christmas (Bullet Catcher: Raquel Durant)
#3Take Me Tonight (Bullet Catcher: Johnny Christiano)
#3.5 “Reason To Believe” a novella in What You Can’t See (Bullet Catcher: Chase Ryker)
#4 First You Run (Bullet Catcher: Adrien Fletcher)
#5Then You Hide (Bullet Catcher: Wade Cordell)
#6 Now You Die (Bullet Catcher: Lucy Sharpe)
#7 Hunt Her Down(Bullet Catcher: Dan Gallagher)
#8 Make Her Pay (Bullet Catcher: Con Xenakis)

What's next for Roxanne is a spin-off series from one of the bullet catchers, Johnny Christiano whose family is a interesting, dangerous bunch. The new series is called The Guardian Angelinos, the first book is due out in November 2010 called Edge of Sight.

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