Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Review: Deadlock (Southern Arcana, #3)

By Moira Rogers

Released November 15, 2011
Source: Review copy provided by Author Moria Rogers for review.

This is the third installment of the Southern Arcana where Alec, the unofficial Alpha wolf of New Orleans finds his girl. How many times have we heard “Alec Jacobson is an asshole” well it takes an empath to find out what Alec is really like. Andrew very nicely said he’s a hopeless romantic which is a very sweet quality for the big tough brooding guy to have.

Carmen wants to make a change in the supernatural world and she does so by working at the neural clinic in New Orleans. She has seen the horrible way her Father treats her and other brother, Miguel since they aren’t shifters. Her brother Julio unfortunately is a shifter and her Father and Uncle Caesar both want to use him for power. The council members are more about getting power through manipulations instead of taking care of those in their territory. She wants more and wishes good people would step up, like how Alec takes care of New Orleans.

I really liked how this series keeps all the characters involved even though there are two main characters. I liked how Alec and Carmen took a trip to Wyoming to visit Nicole, Michelle and the newborn very loud AJ (Aaron Jr.). It was nice how we get some more of their stories and they didn’t just end because their story was told in Crossroads. Same with getting to continue tension between Kat and Andrew even though they haven’t had their book. That is the story I really, really need to read. It sounds like the tragic Romeo and Juliet where they might hurt each other but I really hope they get a happy ending.

He’s no one’s hero. She’s no one’s pawn. And now they’re caught in the crossfire…
 Abandoned by her wolf shifter father and raised by her human psychic mother, Carmen Mendoza can’t deny she’s different. She craves things most women shy away from—and she has a trail of shape shifting ex-boyfriends to prove it.

 Working at a clinic for supernatural creatures, she’s escaped the notice of her father’s legacy-obsessed family. Until they need a pawn in their bid for power. Snared by a vicious spell designed to wake her inner wolf, Carmen’s only hope is to trust the one man strong enough to soothe her darkest instincts.

Alec Jacobson was once the heir apparent to the wolves’ ruling elite, until he walked away to marry the woman he loved. She paid with her life. Now he lives as a rebel, a black-sheep alpha who protects the supernatural residents of New Orleans from the wolves’ barbaric class system. Too bad he can’t protect himself from his need for Carmen.

Yet staking his claim on his enemy’s niece will turn his city into a battleground. Unless he can find a way to stop breaking the rules—and start making them.

Warning: This book contains a renegade alpha wolf, a smart empathic doctor, very dirty sex with psychic safe-words, the occasional dominance game in and out of the bedroom, and a group of supernatural citizens ready to take on the corrupt leaders of their world.

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