Thursday, February 11, 2010

Anita Blake 2010 Reading Challenge Book #5

Bloody Bones
Laurell K. Hamilton

Anita's most recent zombie raising job is for a company who wants to raise a cemetry. A company bought the land to build a multi-million escape for celebrities and now it is put on hault because the Bouvier family claims it is there ancestors buried there. Stirling is a bully who wants the land no matter what and Anita will not be bullied.

Magnus Bouvier owns a bar named Bloody Bones and also is Fey. Anita knows he is holding back information but when boys start dying she has to call in back up. A very sexy vampire who loves to be near Anita. They get into some serious vampire power struggles that are more dangerous than Jean-Claude could even imagine.

This is one of my favorite scenes with Jean-Claude drunk:
"You are drunk," I said. He nodded.
"I believe I am...I've drunk deep of two mortals, but neither of you are human." I didn't want to hear this.
"What the hell are you talking about?"
"Necromancer with a chaser of werewolf; a drink to make any vampire giddy." He giggled. Jean-Claude never giggles. I ignored him if you can ignore an intoxicated vampire...Larry walked over to us.
"Can we trust him?"
"We're going to have to," I said. "Help me stand up and let's get out of here before fangface busts a gut." Jean-Claude was doubled over with laughter. He seemed to think fangface was outrageously funny. Ye gods.

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