Thursday, February 4, 2010

Pride Mates By Jennifer Ashley

Their bond is stronger than any magic....

This is the start of an amazing new paranormal series by Jennifer called Shifters Unbound. This book is set in Austin, Texas at a time where Shifters are feared by humans so they are forced to live in Shiftertowns and required to wear a collar to "tame" them. It is meant to control their hunting and fighting instincts. However, when Kim Fraser takes a case as a lawyer for a shifter charged with murdering his human girlfriend. Kim is thrown into a new world.

One of the perks to this world is a very hot Liam Morrissey who is no pussy cat. He immediately wants to protect Kim. He takes her into his world who has some interesting home of four single men with no women. Liam's dad, Dylan who is the Alpha of the pride. Sean is Liam's brother and also Guardian of the pride. And the adorable Connor who is a twenty year old boy who loves Irish Football and cars but is still a cub in the pride. He wears his heart on his sleeve. I love Liam's family.

Liam took his feet down and leaned forward, arms on the desk. "I haven't said I won't help you, lass." His gave flicked to her blouse, whose buttons had slipped out of their top holes during her journey through Austin traffic and July heat. "Is Brian happy with you defending him? You like Shifters that much?"

Kim resisted reaching down for the buttons. She could almost feel his fingers on them, undoing each one, and her heart beat faster.

"It's nothing to do with who I like. I was assigned to him, but I happen to think Brian's innocent. He shouldn't go down for something he didn't do." Kim liked her anger, because it covered up how edgy this man made her. "Besides, Brian's the only Shifter I've ever met, so I don't know whether I like them, do I?"

Liam smiled again. His eyes returned to normal, and how he looked like any other gorgeous, hard-bodied, blue-eyed Irishman, "You, love, are-"

"Fiesty. Yeah, I've heard that one. Also spitfire, little go-getter, and a host of other condescending terms. But let me tell you, Mr. Morrissey, I'm a damn good lawyer. Brian's not guilty, and I'm going to save his ass."

" I was going to say unusual. For a human."

"Because I'm willing to believe he's innocent?"

"Because you came here, to the outskirts of Shiftertown, to see me. Alone."

The predator was back.

Why was it when Brian looked at her like this, it didn't worry her? Brian was in jail, angry, accused of heinous crimes. A killer, according to the police. But Brian's stare didn't send shivers down her spine like Liam Morrissey's did.

"Any reason I shouldn't have come alone?" she asked, keeping her voice light. "I'm trying to prove that Shifters in general, and my client in particular, can't harm humans. I'd do a poor job of it I was afraid to come and talk to his friends."

Liam wanted to laugh at the little-spitfire-but he kept his stare cool. She had no idea what she was walking into; Fergus, the clan leader, expected Liam to make sure it stayed that way.

Damn it all, Liam wasn't supposed to like her. He'd expected the usual human woman, sticks-up-their-asses, all of them, but there was something different about Kim Fraser. It wasn't just that she was small and compact, while Shifter women were tall and willowy. He liked the way her dark eyes regarded him without fear, liked the riot of black curls that beckoned his fingers. She'd had the sense to leave her hair alone, not force it into some unnatural shape.

Next in this series will be Shifter Lovin' but no release date yet.

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