Thursday, February 11, 2010

Anita Blake 2010 Reading Challenge Book #6

Killing Dance
Laurell K. Hamilton

In this book Anita's love life is getting complicated. She is now dating the Master of the City, Jean-Claude and a high school teacher werewolf, Richard. Tension is high when she has a date on Friday with Richard and Saturday with Jean-Claude. Everyone is trying but its difficult when she loves both of them. How do you choose.

Someone wants Anita dead and is paying half a million to see it done in 24 hours. They are paying for the best which happens to be her scary friend, Edward. He thinks he would get to kill more people protecting her than killing just her. Wow, he is so sweet.

So both men want to keep her safe but how can they when they do not know who wants to kill her or why. Jean-Claude takes her to the opening of his new dance club Danse Macabre to try and pull the assassins out of hiding. Her relationship is thrown out into the media when the press is there asking what it is like dating the Master of the City.

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