Sunday, March 14, 2010

Anita Blake 2010 Reading Challenge Book #7

Burnt Offerings
By Laurell K. Hamilton

I think out of all the books I have read so far this is my least favorite. Anita finally made the decision to be with Jean-Claude, the Master of the City and she just can't stick with that choice and be happy. Of course, Richard is angry at Anita but he has always been so kind and sweet and I did not like how cruel he was to her. Also, Anita did not help the situation by blurring the lines by making out with Richard. I wish she could just stick with one guy and stop hurting both of them.

I did like the story though. The council came to punish Jean-Claude and Anita for killing a member of the council and not taking his place on the council. Jean-Claude is happy as Master of his City and has no political aspirations to take the seat. He knows as the weakest member he would be challenged over and over. I agree with his decision but now he must convince the Council.

"So just tell me what you like on the menu, and we'll negotiate."
"All that is required is that you taste what is ordered. You do not have to eat it."
"No, no more of this tasting shit. I've gained weight. I never gain weight."
"You have gained four pounds, so I am told. Though I have searched diligently for this phantom four pounds and cannot find them. It brings your weight up to a grand total of one hundred and ten pounds, correct?"
"That's right."
"Oh, ma petite, you are growing gargantuan." I looked at him, and it was not a friendly look.

-Anita and Jean-Claude

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